About the Artist 

Photographer of beauty

My love for photography started with the outdoors! I am an adventurer by heart and I've always loved capturing just the right image of my adventures to share with others. I know I can do the same with your portraits! As an artist, I think of photography as a piece of art. I am passionate about making my artwork the best I can make it. The portrait should tell a story and have depth to it, just like we see in real life. I am a shy, quirky, but full of passion kind of gal. I wholeheartedly believe you should live the life you want. Work hard and play hard. I live every day trying to enjoy my life to its fullest by doing the things I love doing, feeling happy with where I've come in life, and aiming to be beautiful from the inside out. I want the world to have the same outlook on beauty as I do. Everyone is unique, beautiful, and capable of being an amazing person! Be yourself! Be beautiful! I look forward to working with you on your gorgeous boudoir photoshoot!