Boudoir Parties! 

Trying to think of an awesome experience for your bachelorette party?

Why not have a boudoir party?!?! Not a bride and want to have a reason to have a party? Girls' night, celebrating a breakup, celebrating birthday.....who really needs a reason to party... Let's go! 

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A boudoir party is such a fun party idea! Who doesn’t love hanging out with the girls, laughing, and having a great time?? It would be a night to remember…. And you’d have great photos to remember it by! You choose the place and I'll come to you! (I’ll travel up to 3 hours from Mountain Home, AR. After that, an additional travel fee will be included.) Each girl in attendance will get a mini session (2 outfits). Not every girl is forced to do a session, but I guarantee by the end of the party everyone will be trying it out! I always allow for each girls' session to be private if requested, taking the girls to a separate room which is less intimidating. If you want to mingle and come and go between outfits, it’s your party! You can bring food, wine, drinks, and your own flair to the party. We can schedule your party in the daytime, and end in early evening so you can all go to dinner somewhere feeling fabulous after your shoot.  Here's the scoop.... 


The cost of the party is $300 per person with a makeup/hair artist provided. ($225 per person without the hair/makeup artist.) I highly recommend getting the hair and makeup! It’s part of the fun experience!! You need a minimum of 3 girls in addition to the host.The host gets her $225 session fee waived  (you’ll still need to pay the makeup and hair artist though if you choose that option.) The charge for the party includes the time of the photographer, each girls' session, and the time to edit the photos. Once I'm done with the photo shoots for each girl, the party will continue without me while I get each girl's slideshow ready to view for photo purchasing. These won't be the fully edited photos, but you can see my before and after editing page to get an idea of how they'll look after editing. You can also choose no editing and purchase your photos just like they are! I'll bring album samples, photos, and other products for your party to look at. Once I have the slideshows ready, you all can choose to view all at once together or I can do a private purchasing session with each person. You will get the package price lists ahead of time. I accept cash, credit, or I can do a payment plan for the products. You are welcome to pay for the photo packages over 6 months and once the photos have been paid in full, I will mail your package to you! The host will get a free product as a gift from me! I’ll have a list to choose from.  If everyone in the party opts to purchase at least the minimum packages, the host gets her package free (minimum size package)  and everyone else gets $100 discount on their package!    


* BYOW... BYOF....BYOB... (wine, food, beer).... Pick your poison :) Make it a fun night! Feel free to bring extra outfits and let your friends help you choose which two you get photographed in! 


*  Average party length is 3-4 hrs, and can be longer if more than 6 girls attend. If hair/makeup is added, this time may go longer depending on the time it takes the artist. 


*  A makeup artist can be provided for an additional charge (and is highly suggested!) The charge per person with hair and makeup included is $375 per person. Feel free to bring your own makeup artist, or I can set one up for you that I work with regularly.  Brides: If you already have an artist that is doing the makeup for the wedding, you can inquire with her since this will give an opportunity for the bride (and bridesmaids too!)  to test their makeup before the big day.  


*  A fun group shot at the end is always included! I suggest planning a cute outfit to all wear for this shot, such as bridesmaids tanks with jeans, robes, or your "evening outfit" for the upcoming night. 

Make Time To Prepare


If possible, give yourself a few weeks from booking to session date. This gives you adequate time to prepare. Whether its having time for a manicure, scheduling a wax, or hitting your favorite tanning salon to get a bit of a glow, you won't be rushing.


The fun part of a boudoir session is the shopping! The key to a successful wardrobe in a boudoir party is quality over quantity. Generally, in a boudoir party the sessions are shorter, so you most likely will not need as many outfits as you would for a solo session, so stick with the basics. Buy things that you'll feel comfortable wearing. You simply cannot go wrong with cute bra sets. They can be worn alone, or paired with a pair a jeans. Fish net stockings are always cute. If your feeling really fancy you can go the whole stocking & garter route... You could even just wear an oversized button up shirt and your bra and panties. The choices are really endless. Make it an event with your gals to decide what to bring and wear!

Need A Fun Party Game Idea?

If your group is looking to have a bit of fun you can ZAZZ things up a bit by playing the Boudoir Party Prop Game.  How to you play? Easy.


The idea is simple. A grab bag of boudoir "props" is created, and every one picks one from the bag and has to use it as a prop in a few shots in their photo session. These props are typically of more of a sexual nature... but hey, you can choose props that best suit your group. Let's face it, in my experience some looking to be a bit wilder than others .Handcuffs, Ice cubes, fish net stockings, whipped cream bikini, vibrating undies... you get the idea! Nominate one girl to put it all together for you or make it fun and have everyone bring a few items! 


Make it the best girl’s night party ever and the best part.... you get to buy the beautiful photographs to remember for a lifetime!